Monday, February 28, 2011

Visual Music Animatic

Well that took long enough. I can't wait to spend a vastly longer amount of time actually putting this together. Hopefully I can leave the X-sheet to someone else next time.

The song is Mothers of Rain, from one of my favorite relics Tangerine Dream. You may know them as the band that wrote the theme to Risky Business.

Edit: There was supposed to be music to this....oh well.

The Blog is Online


Since I haven't blogged in a while, I figured the time had come to resume posting all my trivial activities, since all my friends do it and there must be somebody out there sad enough to stumble upon my own and read it. Plus, it might make for good publicity.

Hopefully I'll find time to customize the look of this place later, but since it's 2AM right now I'll leave it at the default template for the time being. Look forward to movie reviews, artwork, diary entries, and all sorts of rambling, unreadable junk.

Come with me on this amazing adventure, kiddos, through the whimsical land of Cameron's Clockwork Dwelling.

Edit: God, that blue title text is painful on the eyes. Fixing.