Friday, May 6, 2011

Texture Layouts for 450A Project...

For the last fleeting fistful of weeks, burdened by college work of all varieties and generally high difficulty, your gentle narrator has been slaving away at a multimedia extravaganza in the underground film labs at the University of Southern California, combining art both digital and analogue and completely original music into the most daring and revolutionary work of art since Stanley Kubrick's Fear and Desire.

By which I mean it's the work of a talented amateur, but I've learned a considerable amount in putting it together. Maybe I can put together a student film that's worth a damn next time. Okay, so there's some very nice transitions and design work here. Perhaps I can make it translate to my painting this summer.

I am very proud of the layouts I put together for this project, which basically deciphered the look of the whole thing. I'm inexperienced in color, but got good feedback and vibes from how these projects looked in motion. I also got compared to Gustav Klimt. That was flattering for me.

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