Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cowboy Bebop Dude Working on Space Comedy at Bones?

In case you can't read Klingon, the big news is that Watanabe, he the man who waited years in between Samurai Champloo and Kids on the Slope, is putting together two new projects: a comedy at Studio Bones about space travel, and a more ambiguous darker project at MAPPA, the studio behind Kids on the Slope. Here's hoping the Bones one is visually inventive and full of cartoony goodness. I've always been a fan of Watanabe's deadpan, un-anime sense of humor, so we'll probably see plenty of that.

Liborek3 on twitter has alerted me to Ryuotaro Makihara directing Robotics:Notes Ep 3, something I'm very excited about. I haven't yet watched the new show based on a Visual Novel from the Steins:Gate creators (I can only hope it possesses that show's humor and atmosphere) but anything by Makihara shoots to the top of my must-watch list. Makihara was one of the top directors on the show Kaiba, and then blew everyone's mind by directing the one great episode of Guilty Crown, a disappointing though well animated mediocrity otherwise. The man uses his sense of layout and pacing like Pollack uses a paint bucket, taking potential nothing and twisting it into something emotive and riveting. Hopefully Robots:Notes is better than that, but even if it isn't I'll be watching episode 3.

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